Synergy Accounting & Tax Services

Our office is located in the heart of North Vancouver, British Columbia. We offer a wide range of services tailored to individuals, as well as businesses of any size. Originally, we started off as specialists in tax preparation and planning; since then, we have grown our services, and we are proud to have facilitated the inception of many businesses by offering professional advice, preparing business plans, and locating and presenting financing options and strategies to our valued clients.

Services offered by Synergy Accounting & Tax Services are listed below:

Personal & Business Income Tax Preparation

Our primary expertise is the preparation and filing of both personal and business income tax reports. With years of experience and knowledge of available tax benefits and Government sponsored programs and initiatives for individuals, families, and businesses, Synergy Accounting & Tax Services is the best suited for the preparation and filing of your income tax reports.

Accounting Services

We provide monthly, quarterly, and annual accounting services that give our clients timely and accurate financial information essential to making sound business decisions. Payroll services and preparation of financial statements are also offered to cover the extensive accounting needs of our clients.

Tax Planning

Using our extensive tax experience, we can ensure that a tax plan is tailored to each client to meet their unique needs. We work with our clients to ensure that proactive steps are taken to cultivate a healthy balance between profitability and tax minimization.

Starting a New Business?

Whether you are incorporating a new business, or have an existing one, we can help simplify the process for you. We are competent in understanding regulations and ensure that we tailor each scenario to our clients.

To receive assistance in incorporating a new business
Contact:  L.Reinertson

To receive tax planning services
Contact:  B.Marzbani

To receive business plan preparation services
Contact:  J.Sattari

To receive IT consulting services
Contact:  M.Fey

To receive mortgage / loan services
Contact:  M.Mestaghi

Business Advice and Consulting

We have extensive knowledge and experience in an array of industries, and varying business structures. We provide invaluable advice and consultation essential to making businesses successful.

Business Strategic Planning

We can assist with the preparation of business plans complete with financial projections and future cash flows. In addition, we can help clients create strategies and take their business in a direction that will help them succeed.

Business Financing

When seeking financing, we can advise you on the most appropriate financing mix and terms unique to your needs. Our firm has established relationships within banking, venture capital, and secondary financing communities, which has provided our clients access to financial growth, expansion, and new ventures in the past.