Filing Your Personal Tax

To prepare and file your personal tax, we require several financial documents and forms that summarize important and relevant information. This page will assist you with all the documents that we require.

Personal Tax Forms

Please contact us to provide you with a complete list of all documents that you will need to include in the package that you will be dropping off at our office. It is very important that you carefully verify that you have included all required documents in order to allow us to prepare and file your personal tax on-time and accurately. Please ensure that you provide us with all the relevant information before April 20. Any information provided after this date may cause a delay in the preparation and filing of your tax return. Synergy Accounting & Tax Services will not accept any responsibility for the late preparation and filing of packages submitted to us on or after April 20th..

Find information on federal and provincial/territorial tax rates, prescribed interest rates, exchange rates, mileage rates and more.
Canadian income tax rates for Individuals

Important Dates for Individuals

Canada Revenue Agency maintains a list of important dates that should be reviewed frequently to ensure that all filings and reportings are in line with the agency’s requirements. To simplify and present you with a concise list of dates, the following table has been prepared. Please note that most of the dates accompany exceptions and conditions that will have to be taken into consideration. You can find out about this additional information by visiting the Canada Revenue Agency website.
Important dates for Individuals

Deadline for Filing Your Personal Tax

For most individuals, the deadline set by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for filing personal taxes is April 30th. Failing to file personal taxes by the specified date will result in penalties and interest on the amount owing. Individuals that are self-employed and their spouse/common-law partners are the only exception to this deadline. These individuals will have to file their taxes by June 15th..